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Ocean Freight

Ocean freight, also known as maritime shipping, is the transportation of goods by sea across oceans and seas. It is a cornerstone of global trade and commerce, moving vast quantities of cargo between continents.

Export Services

Export services are crucial for businesses looking to sell their products or services in foreign markets. They include market research to identify potential markets and customers, assistance with export.

Custom Clearance

Customs clearance service providers assist in preparing and reviewing the necessary documentation, including invoices, bills of lading, customs declarations, certificates of origin, and permits.

Container Load Import & Export

Containerization is a method of packing goods into standardized containers that can be easily loaded onto ships, trucks, or trains. This system has revolutionized global trade by simplifying cargo handling and transportation.

Land Transport

Land transport services are integral to the supply chain, as they are responsible for moving goods from manufacturing facilities to distribution centers and ultimately to consumers. Trucks and railways are commonly

Import For Re-export With Cross Stuffing

Import for re-export with cross-stuffing is a specialized international trade practice commonly used in the shipping and logistics industry. It involves the temporary importation of goods into a country for the purpose

Air Cargo & Bank Documents

Air cargo is a critical component of international trade, facilitating the swift movement of goods by air between countries and continents. When it comes to exporting goods, the process often involves the use of air cargo services